Meet Our Superhero

sam2Sam was diagnosed with Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy – the most severe form of the condition – when he was three weeks old. Sam began life struggling to breathe and survive. The odds were that he would never leave the hospital.  But he did.

Sam was also born with bilateral club feet. Beginning at 9 weeks of age, Sam started treatment at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. Two heel surgeries, several casts and many rolls of tape later, Sam’s feet are in great shape, allowing him to walk and play with his friends.

Although Sam can walk, his muscles are weak. So, when he needs to travel longer distances, he races around in a white, manual wheelchair that glows in the dark with light up wheels as he rolls.

Sam overcame the odds and is now a fun-loving, sweet 11 year old kid who loves superheroes, Bey Blades, sonic, music, movies, animals and his family. Sam is especially fond of his older brother, Will. Every day Sam continues to fight Muscular Dystrophy and beat the odds, always with great cheer and humor. That’s why we think of Sam as our superhero.

You can be a superhero too by joining Sam’s Squad and running or walking in the race, volunteering, or making a donation to the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation.